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Lunar Skin

Lunar skin uses the newest advanced skincare technology and medical grade products to restore the natural glow of skin and slow the natural aging process. We offer the best in anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments, relaxing atmosphere and most importantly,  RESULTS! Whether you are concerned with acne, dull complexion, wrinkles, aging lines, brown spots or simply want to maintain your healthy skin we got you covered.  We are the latest secret weapon for beauty that doesn’t wash off or peel off!

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Izabela Picco

Lunar skin founder and plasma specialist.

Izabela is a beauty guru who made it her life mission to find the fountain of youth....and it turns out that the fountain of youth is good healthy living paired with amazing skin care and a bit of help from the newest and most current aesthetic treatments. #fibroblast
Izabela has spent the last 14 months in Asia working along side some pretty awesome beauty fanatics and she herself is crazy about skin health. Once she returned she got certified in plasma tightening treatments. She has since helped many men and women achieve their desired look. And she is ready to help you!
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