Everlast anti-aging day cream

Everlast anti-aging day cream


Aloe Vera: rich source of antioxidants may also help reduce inflammation

Evening primrose oil: High in (GLA), good for dry and mature skin, sooths inflammation. Helps fight the effects of aging.

Black current seed oil: Natural source of (GLA) promotes healthy skin growth, high in vitamin C which is essential in collagen production.

Squalene (Olive): Hydrates and oxygenates the skin. Its skin hydrating properties helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Borage oil : Rich in omega 6 fatty acids, helps restore moisture and elasticity in the skin

Silk Peptides: draw in moisture and keep your skin looking hydrated and supple

 Lavender essential oil: soothing, anti-inflammatory,

Helichrysum : promotes healthy skin cell growth, and regeneration, anti-aging, smooths skin tone, and may reduce appearance of fine lines

Sandalwood: reduces signs of aging such as dry skin and wrinkles

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