Charcoal Clay Face Cleanser

Charcoal Clay Face Cleanser


Hemp seed oil: anti-inflammatory, minimize large pores, has astringent properties.

Sesame seed oil: high in zinc; which helps skin produce collagen.

Kaolin clay: fantastic cleanser, and detoxing treatment, helps control oiliness, clears the skin pores without out stripping your skin of natural oil) which are essential to keep the skin moisturized)

Green French clay: Draws out impurities, leaving the skin refreshed and toned

Activated bamboo charcoal: aides in removing toxins, dirt and other micro partial to the surface of the face which helps achieve a flawless complexion

Jojoba beads:  Gentle exfoliates your skin without harm the skin, minimize appearance of pores preparing it for moisturizer

Tea tree essential oil: reduce acne, natural antiseptic

Lavender essential oil: soothing, anti-inflammatory,

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